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Strut removal tool

Sorry, the neat-o strut removal scheme was designed into the 5000
and not the 4000. For the 4000, you have to use the old spring
compressor method.


>From:	US1RMC::"JGOEKE.UNIX11@mailsrv2.eldec.com" "JGOEKE" 26-AUG-1993 13:56:02.54
>To:	quattro@aries.East.Sun.COM (--)
>Subj:	Re: Odd noises
>>...They charged me $75 (labor) to replace the strut inserts - it is
>>so simple with the special Audi tool...
>Does anyone know if a simular tool is available for a 4000?  If so, is
>possible to buy one, and how much?  Sounds like a good way to adjust Koni
>hydraulic sport shocks.   ---JCG.