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Re: yellow book?

>The _Blue Book_ is Kelly's Blue Book, and
>the _Yellow Book_ is ......  The N.A.D.A. Yellow Book,
>                  or is it something else?
>What is the difference?

yes, the yellow book I was referring to is the NADA book.

The blue book is used by insurance companies to reimburse you for totalled
cars.  The yellow book is an indication of used car sale prices.

The difference? Blue book values are higher.  The yellow book gives you
a better idea of what you'll be able to get if you sell your car (to a dealer).

>Also, I've noticed a "consumer" Blue Book edition, which is
>published bi-annually and lists low-retail and high-retail,
>compared with the 6-issues/year of the "banking" Blue Book,
>which has wholesale and retail.  The "consumer" edition had
>acceptable mileage ranges and said to deduct for more.
>The "banking" Blue Book has an exact formula for mileage
>credit or debit.

Yep.  The "consumer" blue book seems to be pretty useless.  I called around
to find the value of my car, and it was a *lot* closer to the yellow book
value.  "The blue book value" seems to have become synonymous with "the real
value", and it's really not.  It's a hypothetical value for insurance purposes.

Incidentally, there seems to be a regional equivalent of the yellow book for
the New York metro area, and it comes out weekly (biweekly for foreign cars).
I would assume, given NY, that the prices are slightly higher!