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yellow book?

> In a previous note, SCHMIDT@lns62.lns.cornell.edu wrote:
> Go for it!  Just don't pay too much.  Go to a good bookstore (or a cooperative
> dealer) and take a peek at the "yellow book" (NOT the blue book), which is
> put out by some car dealer association. Be sure to depreciate for high
> mileage!

The _Blue Book_ is Kelly's Blue Book, and
the _Yellow Book_ is ......  The N.A.D.A. Yellow Book,
                  or is it something else?

What is the difference?

Also, I've noticed a "consumer" Blue Book edition, which is
published bi-annually and lists low-retail and high-retail,
compared with the 6-issues/year of the "banking" Blue Book,
which has wholesale and retail.  The "consumer" edition had
acceptable mileage ranges and said to deduct for more.
The "banking" Blue Book has an exact formula for mileage
credit or debit.