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Re: '88 TQ 5000 wagon?

>I've been watching and waiting for the "right" car to come along for some
>months now.  I've recently located an '88 turbo quattro 5000 wagon (but not
>yet seen it) which sounds tempting: ABS, leather, electric sunroof, 10-speaker
>stereo, 5-SPEED! The kicker is the mileage -- 150,000!

A few things you should be aware of:

1) All quattro models are 5 speed (except possibly for some released in the
last year or so, and they apparently suck) so this "option" really 
doesn't add to the value of the car

2) 1988 was the last year that Audi manufactured the 5000 series before cutting
over to the 100 and 200 model designations.  As a result, Audi was practically
giving these cars away.  I bought an '88 90Q, and could have gotten a 
5000 for not much more.  Again, this might detract from the price.

3) According to my dealer, Audi let quality control slip in the heyday
of the 5000 (ie before 60 minutes) because they were selling 'em faster
than they could make 'em.  This correlates with reliability horror stories
I have heard from owners of mid-eighties 5000's.  This car was on the tail
end of that production cycle.  Audi tried to get their QC act together for
the new 80,90,100,200 models because they needed to win back the american
market.  In fact, when the 80/90 models were launched in the US, they were
already selling like hotcakes in Europe, but Audi pledged to fill American
orders before European orders.

>Supposedly service records are available, the steering rack has been replaces,
>and there are no known flaws.  If this is a vehicle for serious consideration,
>what kind of market price is fair??? ANY feedback appreciated.

Go for it!  Just don't pay too much.  Go to a good bookstore (or a cooperative
dealer) and take a peek at the "yellow book" (NOT the blue book), which is
put out by some car dealer association. Be sure to depreciate for high