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Re: Strut removal tool

Hi.  You only need to buy the special Tool that looks like a 1 ft long pipe.
It's actually just a super deep socket that extends over the top of the shock. 
I can't think of any oway to ge the strut out witHout this tool.  The second
tool isn't really necessary.  It's just a slick way to hold the stut while
removing the locking nut on top. You can accomplish the same thing with a
regular socket, a hex key socket, and vice-grip pliers (or a good adjustable

I found the special tool for ~$75 from a company called Zelinda tools. I found
the ad in European Car magazine (VW Porche). I used the tool once, tHen sold it
to my mechanic.

The bounce stops are easy to change.  The just slide off the strut piston rod
after removing the top mounting junk.  The top mounting "plate" contains a
rubber bushing that can get weak.  It's a good idea to replace the whole top
plate/bushing if the car has high miles. This is the 3-hole thing you see under
the hood.

That top plate has sloted holes because that is the front end camber
adjustment.  So, mark the positions of the nuts before removing them. Camber
doesn't "seem" to affect tire wear at all.

There's also a boot around the shock/strut that can fall off when replacing the
strut.  Be sure to reinstall this boot.

The strut bearing is another matter. You can't get to the strut bearing unless
you remove the whole strut assembly from the car. This means strut, spring,
everything. For a real mechanic with real tools and facilities, it's not too
bad. For a hacker (like me) it's too big of a job.

Good luck,


>Bentley shows two tools -- the super deep socket, and what looks like a medium
>socket that allows access to the strut piston rod with a hex wrench.  
>1. Which one are you refering to?
>2. Where is it (or both) available & for how much?
>3. Can you change the bounce stops and/or the strut bearing with this method ?
>4. How easy is it to preserve the alignment?
>Thanks much -- been contemplating this task for a couple weeks.
>PS - Parts Place for VW (nee recycled) has what looks like the 2nd tool for
>$20 (more precisely, a substitute for the 2nd tool).