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Re: newbie questions ... (snow tires, and octane number)

> So, I just got myself a used Audi 100 (non-turbo), and going by the
> current discussion in this list, it is imperative to move over to snow
> tires in winter (MA/NH driving).
> How important is it to change the tires? Does everyone change over to
> winter tires, or is it ok to keep the fat tires, and just drive *very*
> carefully? 

You don't say whether it is a quattro or FWD. I have a 100 Quattro,
and I use Conti CH51's all year round. Even with minimal tread, the
snow grip is quite good. I live in NH, with a very steep driveway,
and an itch to ski every week all winter long.

Even in my FWD VW, I don't bother switching to snow tires any more.
A little care is called for (it always is if the road conditions suck),
but don't underestimate the AWD system, or even a good FWD system for traction.

> My second question is about octane numbers. The car manual suggests that
> one should use 92 octane in the car. Now, I have always assumed that the
> reason car manufacturers insisted on higher octane gas was because of the
> "detergent" additives that were missing for lower octane gas (some years
> ago). So, what is the general opinion out there? For regular driving, do
> you really need high octane gas, or will 89 or 87 octane gas do?

I generally use regular 87 octane in my car. Under full throttle, I
can tell the difference, especially at high revs or under heavy load.
92/93 octane does make a difference at the edge of the envelope, but
for my daily commute, regular seems fine.


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