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Re: Questions about tire stuff....

> Got a question regarding tire sizes,  I have an 89 100, with 205/60/15
> Michelin mxv2 tires that are quickly approaching the surface texture of
> a boloney skin.....:-)  Some of you may remember me asking questions
> last year about which tire to replace these with, well the time has come.
> I've decided to go with either P500 or COMP T/A HR4's but my one nagging
> question is I'd like to go a little wider, to maybe 225.... But what's
> this gonna do to my speedo ?  How much faster do you think I'll really be
> going when the speedo say's 60 mph ?

I'm thinking about this, too, for my '89 100Q. I want a stiffer sidewall
than the CH51's give me, like on the CZ91 or the COMP T/A HR4. But,
size plays a part, too. If yo go with a 225/55/15, you are quite close
to the same radius as the 205/60. Ditto with the 245/50/15, but this
may be too much.

P.S. - not to question your choice, but I found my brief stint on
P500's poor. Their wet traction was not very good, and snow traction
was even worse. The handling was decent, but uninspired. I much prefer
the CH51's, except for the sidewall flex.


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