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Re: Insurance rates -- question... Insurance rates -- question...

> uunet!mke.ab.com!cmice wrote:

While searching through his risk rating book for the above car, he found the
Audi/Quattro section and asked "Is this a CS?".  I said "No, it's a 90Quattro,
no turbo."  He mumbled to himself, and I think this is what he said, "Doesn't 
matter, they all have the same rating anyway..."

> =============================

In RI and MA, they are all fall into symbol 13. Audi actually has lower
insurace rate than VW GTI and Mazda MX-6.

I found out the other day, that if I lived in MA, my insurance rate would be
42% of what my rate in RI. Makes me thinking about moving to MA. In MA, 93 Audi
90's rate is around $1200/year (Thanks to the airbag and alarm system, they
count for 25% discount)

BTW. Is there anyone in this group who is looking for roomate/housemate in
     New England area :-)