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Re: newbie questions ... (sno

> Don't the Audi's have a knock sensor builtin to the fuel management system?
> I thought my 84 4000Q did. 

no, it doesn't.. only 88 and later cars have them...

> Anyway, I run "cheap gas" (ie 87 or less
> octane ;-) ) and have 164K and have never "heard" any knocking. 

the 4000Q only has a 8.5 to 1 compression.. well within the
capabilities of regular unleaded.. which is partly the reason why it
is not very powerful.. the equivalent car in europe (90Q) had a 10 to
1 compression, 21 more horses and ran on premium leaded..
unfortunately the 4000q was built in an era before the germans got
serious about emissions and performance. so when cars came to US
they simply slapped on a catalyst and lowered compression.

people with cars 88 and later should use premium for max. power,
not to mention smoother running.