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To snow or not to snow...


>So, I just got myself a used Audi 100 (non-turbo), and going by the
>current discussion in this list, it is imperative to move over to snow
>tires in winter (MA/NH driving).
>How important is it to change the tires? Does everyone change over to
>winter tires, or is it ok to keep the fat tires, and just drive *very*

I live in Seattle where we don't get a lot of snow, but since I
ski/snowboard like there'e no tomorrow ;-), I an constantly driving in snow
up steep roads and such.  I have never used snow tires and find that the
roads get closed well before the Q runs out of traction (2750lbs,
195/60/14).  I have been doing this since 86 and have never had a problem
avoiding the idiots that attemp snow cover pass driving without the proper
equipment or driving style.  I must say that I have put mine in the ditch a
couple of times, but only due to my own lack of "fun" management ;-).

The bottom line for me is.  Sure, snow tires would be nice, but I would go
straight to studs.  If only one set of tires and/or rims is desired
(mmmmmuccchh cheaper, and less hassle), then I would just go with a M&S
rated street tire.  The M&S is important, for without that little stamp on
your tire, the natzi patrol will make you turn around and go get chains.
ARRGG!  (can you tell this has happened to me ;-) ).  I found "junk" tires
work good enough and can't be beat for the cost.  Here' a run down of the
various tires I've run on the Q (84 4000Q).

BFG somethings (original stock)  Ok all around
Michelin MXV   Great in wet, not so good dry (not normal for Michelin)
Falkins        REEEEEAL cheap.  Ok in snow when newish.
Yoko 325 or something.  NO M&S, but ok in snow
Federals       Cheapest yet, good in snow and all around(~$55 a tire, I
think Yoko makes them).

If the car lives to see another set of tires, I will probably get more of
these Federals.   ---JCG.