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Re: Insurance rates -- question...

I've owned a 4000quattro and a 200TQ. The 4000Q had a far better rating than a  
Nissan Maxima and a Toyota Camry, which surprised me. The 200TQ was really  
cheap to insure given that it was a $35000 car when I bought it and I am an  
under 25 male paying insurance in downtown Boston. The rate I got was  
$3000/year, which, in Boston, is dirt cheap. I was considering buying a used  
911 for about the same price when my eyes bugged out and I read the insurance  
would be somewhere between $6500 - $8K. I'll take the Audi thank you. I'll buy  
one Hyundai a year and crash it for kicks instead.

Down here in Florida now with the 200 TQs car's price probably at $15K I am  
paying $1500/year.

The agent told me all the Audi's were rated well. (This was State Farm).