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Advice on buying 1987 5000CS Turbo Automatic

As far as the purchase of the 1987 5000CS Turbo Automatic goes ---
A couple of things to watch out for on the automatic trans is that they
occassionally leak ATF into the final drive portion of the transaxle and
if left unattended it will destroy the ring and pinion. Check the final
drive fluid for red ATF. Also Check the ATF fluid to see if it is brown
and burnt smelling. If the trans has not been cared for (ie regular fluid
changes) the fluid gets laquered up and the seals harden and soon you lose
hydraulic pressure in the clutch packs and it is slip, slip slip no go.
90K miles is a fair amount for an automatic. You might want to check out
the steering rack and hydraulic system for any leaks etc. I would check all
the electrical accessories, windows, heating and Air conditioning, sunroof
etc. The plastic radiators have a habit of leaking after 4-5 years as well.
Scott M.