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1987 5000CS Turbo

There is a 1987 5000CS Turbo (not quattro :-( )  with 90K miles for sale for 
$5900.00, that I am considering buying. It has an automatic tranmission.

Seeing that there are about 8 quattrolist people with 5000 turbos, I was 
wondering if anyone would mind sharing their experiences with these cars? I 
am specifically interested in information regarding ride comfort and gas 
mileage (mpg).  As a point of reference,  I currently own a 1990 coupe 
quattro. I haven't had a chance to drive the 5000CS yet, so I'll probably 
know more when  I do. :-)  I did get a chance to sit in the car and the 
passenger side window wouldn't work etc... Electrical problems common? Also, 
any problems with the turbocharger? Problem areas in general?

Thanx in advance...

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