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Vintage Auto Registry

I am in the process of selling my 1990 Audi Coupe Quattro, and I got a call 
from a company called Vintage Auto Registry (Omaha Nebraska), and apparantly 
they saw my ad in the Atlanta paper. They say they match buyers and sellers 
of special interest cars for a fee. Has anyone heard of or dealt with this 
company or similar companies? Are they worth it? They charge $198.00 of 
which $100.00 is refundable if they can't sell the car.  They say they 
advertise in the WSJ on MWF? and USA Today on some days and most national 
papers on Sundays.

Any info would be helpful...

(111H, Bldg 17A)<>(205 730 1575, 7296 Fax)<>(vrsharma@ingr.com)
(V.Ramesh Sharma|Intergraph Corp.|MS IW17A6|Huntsville|AL 35894-0001)