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Re: Insurance rates + Euro/US Naming

Andy Yule writes:
> BTW I thought I understood the differences between the European and US
> names for the Audis, but now I'm not so sure.  Am I right in assuming
> that the 4000 is effectively the same as a European 80 (4 door,
> largely 4-cylinder car, squarish in shape 'til about 1987, more
> rounded since then),


> whilst the 5000 is a European 90 (much the same
> as an 80, but with mainly 5-cylinder engines and higher spec)?

No.  The 5000 is the equivalent of the European 100/200 series.

Here is a cross reference chart of Audis circa 1975-1987:

Body style	U.S.			Europe
B1		Fox			80
B2		4000(S) 		80
B2		4000(CS) Quattro	80 Quattro
C2		5000(S)			100
C2		5000(CS) Turbo		200
C2		5000(S) Quattro		100 Quattro
C2		5000(CS) Turbo Quattro	200 Quattro

Post 1988, Audi's U.S. model designations correspond pretty closely
to those of the European counterparts.

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