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Re: Power Steering Fluid

> 	Is the Audi power steering fluid a special kind
> 	(like Honda's) or will the stuff available is
> 	auto supply stores OK?  
> 	This is an idiot question, but the car does not have
> 	an owners manual (bought used) & I haven't gotten a Bentley
> 	handy right now...

You did not mention the model of your Audi. Some Audis (the 5000 for sure)
use special "mineral hydraulic" fluid in their power steering systems. If you
use the regular power steering fluid in this system it will quickly destroy
the seals in the steering rack and hydraulic pump - very expensive to fix.
Check the label on the power steering fluid container on your car. Use what
it recommends. If the label does say "mineral hydraulic fluid" then buy some
from your dealer (around $20 a litre) or the CHF mineral fluid from any imported
car parts store (slightly cheaper - around $15 a litre).

I'd suggest that you buy an owner's manual for your car from the Audi dealer.
This manual has information that is not covered even in the Bentley service