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Re: Injector cleaner + CIS = Death?

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> >BTW, I also find that the AC on my '87 5000 CS TQ saps a lot of power. I was
> >worried that the AC compressor was putting too much load on the engine due to
> >some problem (low/high freon, etc). When I checked with the Audi dealer, the
> >service manager said that this is the case with the Audis, there is nothing
> >wrong. I just shut off the AC temporarily (press the ECON button) when
> >I need to accelerate quickly or while passing.
> >
> Actually, I have never driven a car (of any make) where this wasn't true...
> Well, except for that old '79 Caddy with a 429 under the hood.. but at
> 10mpg, whaddaya expect?

I realize that the AC puts a load on ANY engine. What I was referring
to was an excessive load when I said it "saps a lot of power". On my Audi I
can feel a *significant* drag on the engine the instant the AC clutch engages
much more so than any other car that I have driven. My friend's 89 toyota corolla
wagon (base model) with the 1.8 litre engine fares better with the AC on than my
"2.2 litre, 162 bhp intercooled turbo" Audi. Although I enjoy my Audi a lot, this
is one major gripe I have with the car - so much so - that I avoid using the AC
unless its just too hot and humid. That's why I thought something must be wrong with
the AC on my car. But when the mechanic at the dealer test drove the car and said
the AC-induced-drag was normal, I just chalked this away as a case of poorly
matched AC to the car. After all, my Audi has a Nippondenso (Japanese) compressor,
climate control from GM's AC-Delco division and God knows AC parts from where else.
The Service Manager said something like -  the Audi 5 cyl engines are known to
be adversely affected (power-wise) by the AC system that comes with the car.

If others on this list feel that the AC on their Audis is no worse than on most
other cars, then I'll pursue the cause of the unusual drag the AC is putting on
my car's engine. I'd appreciate your input. Thanks.