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Injector cleaner + CIS = Death?

   I realize that the AC puts a load on ANY engine. What I was referring
   to was an excessive load when I said it "saps a lot of power". On my Audi I
   can feel a *significant* drag on the engine the instant the AC clutch engages
   much more so than any other car that I have driven. My friend's 89 toyota corolla
   If others on this list feel that the AC on their Audis is no worse than on most
   other cars, then I'll pursue the cause of the unusual drag the AC is putting on
   my car's engine. I'd appreciate your input. Thanks.

I have just the opposite. My '85 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo *really* feels the
A/C compressor come on - it seems to cost me 5mph every time it cycles on.
It completely screws up my shifting (the engine accel/decel characteristics
are radically different) action (5sp manual, trying to match rpm to gear,
the engine slows down *SO* much more rapidly that I have to consciously
goose the gas pedal even when upshifting! I cannot shift fast enough to
catch the engine on a normal spin down between gears).

On the other hand, my '83 Turbo Quattro Coupe seems to not even notice the
A/C cycles on - mostly I can "hear" the compressor engage rather than notice
a significant "hit" on the engine power/car speed. The compressor really
likes to "grumble/growl" a lot. I thought the "engine" was going to blow up.
Several different Audi dealers/mechanics have all said "yeah, that's normal
for that car/engine/compressor" and not to worry about it (and in fact the
one I trust most even said mine wasn't particularly bad - he has seen some
"really bad" ones over the years, they "work" just fine, they just make a
lot of noise doing so. Of course, now that I have fixed the electrics to
properly cycle the radiator fan when the A/C is engaged, mostly I hear a
hurricane roar of wind and see the lights dim...)

The Mirage takes about 3 seconds to deliver cold air, about 6 seconds to
cycle to Full Artic Blast (Ah, it's Wonderful)!; the Audi takes about 10
seconds to reach ambient temperature, at least 20 seconds to fully chill
out to Moderate Autumn Cool. Strangely enough however, even though the
Audi can't even come close to the "instant gratification" my Mistubishi
offers, after 15 minutes or so I find myself shivering and having to turn
down the A/C on any but the hottest days. The thermal inertia of the Audi
seems an order of magnitude greater than the Mitsubishi - it takes much
longer to cool off but seems to maintain a more even overall temperature
over the long term (e.g., highway driving).

Well, them's my data points for the fracas.