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OXS Sensor...

	Hi.  There has been some recent talk about OXS sensors,
	specifically using (much more reasonably priced) Ford parts.

	Someone recently mentioned that the sensor from a 5.0
	Mustang would do fine... my question is will it be ok in my
	(non-Q) 1985.5 4000s?  I went to a Ford dealer & they told me 
	they needed to know the year, transmission, convertible or not,
	etc. too determine the exact OXS sensor, & then still, there might
	be two different types, & the only way to know is by looking.
	(a fat one & a thin one...  the one in my 4000s looks like the
	fat one.)

	I didn't get the imppression that they were very knowledgable,
	so perhaps someone can tell me *which* one I should pick up...

	Also, will I have to splice (not that this would be a problem),
	or is it plug & play???  Are all OXS sensors calibrated the 	
	same?  If I have to splice, is there a difference between 
	the two white wires???  I am currently under the impression that
	the white wires are for heating coils, and the black is the output.

	And one final question...  I recently bought this 4000s (now with
	almost 78k) without knowing if the OXS sensor was ever replaced.
	I have cold start trouble (wild oscillations till warm).  I know
	it could be a number of other things, such as the thermo time
	switch, cold start valve, etc.  While I will check these things
	(they are easy enough to do...), I thought replacing the lambda
	sensor would be prudent.  The light was not on, but the dash was
	loose when I bought it (I had to find the right screws in salvage)
	so it looks like some fool reset the thing.  Ohh yes my question...
	is my thinking ok here?  I sure (from the looks) that it is the
	original sensor.  I know in VW's where the thing is in the
	manifold, they last like 60K.  What about these guys that are
	(the 3 wire ones) that are downstream 7 cooler...  should I
	even be concerned about this now & instead focus on other 
	parts involved in cold-start???

	Sorry about being long-winded & thanks in advance...


	PS  at the ford place they told me... "these 3-wire things are 
		*VERY* expensive...  it'll be around $50-$60."

	I had to laugh...

	($180 at me local Audi sodimizer..)