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Re: OXS Sensor...

george j sabini writes:
> 	Hi.  There has been some recent talk about OXS sensors,
> 	specifically using (much more reasonably priced) Ford parts.

> 	Someone recently mentioned that the sensor from a 5.0
> 	Mustang would do fine... my question is will it be ok in my
> 	(non-Q) 1985.5 4000s?

Your car has the three-wire (heated) Bosch OXS sensor.  The Ford sensor
will not likely to have the same type of connector for the heating
element.  You will have to modify the Ford sensor by putting on the
proper Bosch connector.  As to the sensor itself, I am not sure
whether its output voltage curve is the same as Bosch's, so you
will be running a risk of poor performance.

The dealer is a bad place to get the OXS sensor for Audis.  The sensors
that Audi (and VW) uses is standard issue Bosch stuff, so you'll save
a lot of money buying one from an aftermarket official Bosch parts
counter.  In my local vicinity the three-wire Bosch sensor is around
$80-90, hardly cheap, but about half of what the dealers charge.
I would recommend buying the Bosch unit rather than the Ford.  Not
a whole lot more money, but you know it will fit and work right.

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