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	I recommend Repco semi-metallics, with out turning the rotors.
I've done this on many cars over the years with good results. Little
or no brake fade under hard driving and none of the black "soot" brake
dust on the wheels.  Turn the rotors only if they're warped or badly
glazed.  Otherwise, you will be spending $ replacing rotors over the years. 


> From: phamh@dt.wdc.com (Hien Pham x7669)
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> To: quattro@aries.East.Sun.COM
> Hi,
> Could someone recommend a good brand for brake pads and
> synthetic oil ?
> A local Goodyear station offered to do a brake job for $39 for a pair
> which includes also repacking the wheel bearings and turning rotors.
> Do you recomend this type of service ?
> Someone in the porschephiles list recommended Repco brake pads.
> -Hien