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Re: Is this guy nuts or what?


> From: selick@cs.bu.edu (Steven Selick)
....(stuf deleted)
> The question is, what's this guy thinking? Why would he be so interested
> in this dinky '81 2 door thing? Oh yeah...he also put $2000 into wheels 
> and tires.

The 5+5 4000 was a limited production car.  I remember driving a new one
and modifying them for customers back in 1981.  The appeal was a lightweight
2 door with the 5 cylinder motor and a 5 speed(5+5).  The combination is 
really no different than the GT Coupe.  
	I'm sure he does not realize the traction benefits of the Quattro.
Have him read Glens latest AudiWatch Update about the Virginia City exotic 
car mountain road race.  Just observe who had the fastest times.  
The significance of the race is that it portrays how AWD deals with imperfect
street driving conditions.  Which is where we spend most of our time anyway.