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Is this guy nuts or what?

My mechanic, an excellent Audi/VW specialist, recently purchased a 
1981 "Coupe 5+5" Audi. This car looks a lot like the 4000, but is 
a 2 door - like the fox. Anyway, he's totally re-built the car from
the ground up, and get this...he has a 1986 4000 quattro which he's
been driving for 3 years now, which he decided to scrap for the engine!
It's a beautiful car (well, it was...) and I'm sure he could have
found an engine somewhere else. This was after taking the drive train
and trim from an 83 coupe, and getting a $2000 paint job done at a 
body shop (could be a free kick back for sending his customers there).

The question is, what's this guy thinking? Why would he be so interested
in this dinky '81 2 door thing? Oh yeah...he also put $2000 into wheels 
and tires.