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Re: Door panels

>The door lock recently broke in my 90Q and I wanted to pop the door panel off
>and take a look.  I just spent 30 min trying to figure out how to get the
>panel off with no avail.
>Short of cutting the panel off, can someone please recommend the gentle way
>of removing this panel?

  I had to take the panel off my 1986 Audi 80 at the weekend weekend. I don't know
  if yours comes off the same way, but here's what I did:

  1) Take off the arm-rest. There are two screws recessed into the lower edge, 
  which you need to remove. You then pivot the arm rest forwards (ie clockwise
  for the left-hand door) through about 110 degrees, and you can then  pull it
  out through the pivot hole.

  2) Take off the trim around the inside door catch - there's a small plastic
  cover which hides the screw. Also, unscrew the locking knob that protrudes
  through the top of the panel.

  3) Take of the window handle. There's a plastic cover on the handle arm, 
  which slides off after you press inwards on it where it joins the central
  spindle. (It slides away from the spindle).

  4) Undo the storage bin at the bottom of the door. (Ther are several small
  screws around the bottom edge, and one central one hidden behind a cover 
  which you can lever off with a screwdriver.

  5) Take off the small triangular cover at the forward edge of the window, 
  where the mirror is. ( Screw should be visible.) Take off the mirror handle
  (screw hidden behind a plastic cap).

  6) You shold now be able to prise off the panel. There are several plastic 
  pins that hold it on around the edges - carefully feel undeneath the edge,
  and pull the panel free.

  Well, this worked for me. My car's pretty humble, and yours may have extra
  fittings that you need to take care of. Hope this is some help, though.