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oil change and starting car...

Hello Fellow AUDI enthusiasts....

After changing my oil and filter sunday, I tried to start my car
(1989 100)to no avail.  It turns out I forgot to put the oil cap 
back on(dope!!)  But My question is how in the world does the 
car know the cap wasn't on and refused to run ?  It would turn over
and kick like it was going to start, then I would release the key and
it would stall.  As soon as I put the oil cap back on it started immediately.
Go figure ?

Also, Glenn did you find your 4000 quattro you where looking for ? I came
accross a 4000s Quattro with 91k for $2300.- in Nashua, N.H. Yesterday.
The interior looked in good condition, the exterior had some surface rust
and a couple of small dents nothing too bad.  I have the name and phone number
in my car if you're interested.

Mike La Rosa
Computervision Corp.
Bedford, Mass.

P.S.  Anyone know where I can get some of the audi hydraulic fluid for the 
      power steering ?  Preferably between Nashua, N.H. and Bedford, Mass.
      for reasoneable money ? :-)