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88 90 quattro for sale

>From @Relay.cv.com:kaplanr@lehman.com Thu Sep  2 10:56:32 1993
>Date: Thu, 2 Sep 93 10:55:00 EDT
>From: kaplanr@lehman.com (Roger Kaplan)
>To: quattro@aries.East.Sun.COM
>Subject: Baby for sale
>Status: RO
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>Unfortunately, I need to sell my baby and move to England for awhile.
>Would anyone be interested in buying my 1988 90 Quattro? (4D sedan)
>* Red clearcoat, black leather interior
>* All the 90 Quattros came fully loaded: leather seats, sunroof, ABS,
>driving lights, motorized everything, etc.
>* Has all of the few possible extras: trip computer, heated seats, ski sack,
>BBS wheels.  The only thing it doesnt have is motorized seats, which werent
>available yet.
>* "Ungo Box" alarm system w/ remote
>* less than 55K miles (low for 5.5 yr old car)
>* Goodyear GT+4 tires
>* Brand new battery
>* Excellent shape, garaged most (last 4 of 5 years) of its life.
>All routine maintenance (records available).
>* ...and I'll throw in the Bentley manual for free!
>I'm asking $9K/OBO.
>There's two catches:
>1) We would have to complete the sale by Sept 20 (or so)
>2) You have to come down to New York City to get it.  I cannot afford
>to take any time off between now and when I leave.
>Incidentally, the bluebook value is ~$9500 wholesale, ~$13,500 retail.
>The yellow book value is around $8000 (but that assumes a dealer and his
>ability to throw money into it).

Is this what you are looking for Glenn ?

Mike L.