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Import Motor Parts

> From: rshurter@lanl.gov (Brad Shurter)
> Subject: Quattro Parts
> I am desperately trying to immediately find a source of good-quality gas
> shocks for my '87 5000CS Quattro, before an impending trip.  I recently
> ordered a set of Bilsteins from a company called Import Motor Parts (AKA
> Import and American Car Parts) in Canyon City, CO. but they never sent
> them, and are unreachable by phone now (I've let the district attorney
> know).

I am forwarding this to the list just in case any of you either

a) are near IMP and can help Brad
b) were thinking of using them.

I've updated the parts_vendors list too.

Oh, FAQ and some other files have been updated too.

| Dan |
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