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Re: Quattro Parts

>        Your note was posted to the quattro list. If you are still looking
>for the shocks, I strongly recommend Boge Turbo Gas. I have the same car
>and got these shock inserts over a year ago and they are an excellent
>compromise between ride comfort and handling. I bought the front ones for
>about $65 each. Try Stranos (PA) 800-729-1831 or RD Enterprise 800-683-2890.
>Sorry to hear about your bad experience with Import Motor Parts. I've
>had good experiences with both RD and Stranos.

Thank you, Mr. Mehmood and Mr. Simoes,

I'm sorry that I didn't post my problems with Import Motor earlier as Dan
had suggested, but I was involved in finding an alternate source and
canceling my credit card charge from Import Motor (as well as a little

I've already ordered some Koni's ($93.83 F, $70.54 R) from RD as David
Chagoya there had advised me (I WAS looking at the Boges).  By the way,
David C. also, after conferring with his suppliers, told me that Billstein
doesn't even make shocks for this car.  Yet that is what Import Motor was
supposedly sending me.

Your list's compilation of suppliers has also been a life-saver in finding
the upper strut bearings too.  The dealer in Santa Fe wanted $45.00 each,
with several days shipping, and Linda at Carlsen is getting them to me by
Friday at $17.50 ea.

Anyone having prob's with Import Motor should probably talk to Mr. Jim
Howell of the Canyon City CO. DA's office (719-275-0606).

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