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Re: Chip & Exhaust for '87 Coupe

From:Chris <cidleman@pica.army.mil>

>Last winter's road salt finally turned my '87 Coupe's exhaust system into swiss
>cheese.  I am thinking of springing for a sport exhaust and would like comments
>on what I should get and where I should get it from.  I need to replace the
>center section and figured I'd get a throaty muffler too.  I've heard good 
>things about Leistricht (sp?) and Ansa setups but want to get more info...
>While I'm at it, I'd like to get a chip to take advantage of my new, less-
>restrictive exhaust.  My car is an '87 "Special Build" with the 2.3L 5-cyl 
>which I believe is similar to the engines (and CIS) of the 1988 80's and 90's.

A good place to start with a performance exhaust is the manifold and 
downpipe.  Check out the exhaust system that came on the 4000 quattro's. 
while they made less power than your 130hp engine, they did have an 
excellent exhaust. They featured a 5 into 3 into 1 (tri-Y style) manifold 
and downpipe a large cat and 2.5" plumbing to the tailpipe.  the question is 
whether the cat back portion will fit under your chassis. the quattros, in 
the area of the rear diff, had substantial changes in the floor plan.  Hey, 
at least you now know where to get a factory "header". 

Bruce Bell