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Re: D&W catalog

Hi Arun,

>        It so happens that I'll be in Hamburg late this month for a week
>        or so. I've no idea where Bochum is, or if the catalog would be
>        available elsewhere in Germany, but I'd be happy to try and
>        buy one for you if you like ... let me know.

If you are taking orders, count me in. Let me know the amount you need and 
the form of payment, personal check, cashiers check, etc. and where to send 
the money. Thanks.

>        Any suggestions on Audi-related things I should or could pick up
>        while I'm there?

Along with the catalog, you can send back some euro H4 headlights with 
integral driving lights and a set of blacked out tail lights for my TQC. As 
for vehicles, load my freight container with either an SMS S4 Revo or an MTM 
S2 RSR. Either would do.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com