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Wanted : 1990 200 TQ engine/drivetrain specs

I am looking for information about the engine and drivetrain specs for the 
1990 200 TQ. The reason for the search is I have come across a 1990 200 TQ 
which was hit (damage unknown at this point) and is being parted out. It has 
2800 miles on it, so the engine is  brand new and might make a good 
upgrade/builder for my TQC.

I am looking for the following info :

What is the compression ratio and displacement?
What type of fuel injection system is used CIS or DME?
What engine management system is used (I know these have dual knock 
What is the engine model code?
What are the transmission ratios? I think it also has the torsen center 
Do these cars have the dual piston front brake calipers? What are the rear 
calipers, single or dual piston?

Any other info about the specs on this car is greatly appreciated.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com