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Re: D&W catalog, was Chip & Exhaust for '87 Coupe

On Mon Aug  1 15:53:55 1994
John Greenstreet <jgreenst@motown.ge.com> wrote:

>I believe that's Zubehor, which is German for "accessories" and not 

And without the umlauts(sic) it Zuebehor.

John, you are correct. My mistake, and if I would have looked at the
catalog cover I could spotted it and missed the embarrassment.
I hate when this happens. :-)

>I had thought it was essentially a German version of the J.C. Whitney
>catalog, but it sounds like this is not the case, and I'll certainly look
>at one when I go over there at the end of August.

I guess you missed my original comment. It is a cross between J.C. Whitney,
Nordstroms, and Fredricks of Hollywood.

I looked at the binding of the catalog, and it has the following prices printed:

England = 5 pounds
USA	= $10
Switzerland = sfr 14