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Re: D&W catalog, was Chip & Exhaust for '87 Coupe

On  Mon Aug  1 14:29:55 1994
Arun Rao <rao%frisbee@[]> wrote:

>	It so happens that I'll be in Hamburg late this month for a week
>	or so. I've no idea where Bochum is, or if the catalog would be
>	available elsewhere in Germany, but I'd be happy to try and
>	buy one for you if you like ... let me know.

Well everybody is in luck... There is a D&W Center in Hamburg.
It is located at:

Johann Muller GmbH & Co. KG 	(Two dots over "u" in Muller)
Ruter strasse 20-25		(Two dots over "u" in Ruter)
D-22041 Hamburg-Wandsbek

Tel.:	040 68 28 79 27
FAX:	040 68 28 79 40

You can probably find the D&W catalog on any good sized news stand in town,
in the Hamburg train station, or even the airport. As a last resort you could trek
to the shop on the B75 unless you are close... and curious. Some centers don't stock
*All* of the toys, but they have so many it would be difficult to find room for display.

Arun, the catalog is DM 14, and is 2 Kg in weight. You might be happier if you bought
it/them and mailed them back to the USA via German Postal service.
WARNING:The postage WILL cost more than the catalog.

>	Any suggestions on Audi-related things I should or could pick up
>	while I'm there?

Either an A8, or the 4.2 liter S6 would probably make you smile during your
commute to work :-)	I hear the S6 can pass everything but the gas pump.

 Might make your insurance company smile all day :-(