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Re: D&W catalog, was Chip & Exhaust for '87 Coupe

> From quattro-owner@swiss.ans.net Mon Aug  1 14:41:32 1994
> From: "Arun Rao" <rao%frisbee@frisbee.pixar.com>
> >
> > In Germany the catalog cost DM 14- under US $10 but the shipping was
> > expensive because the catalog is 940 full color glossy pages which
> > weigh 4lbs 2oz.
> >
> > The main location/showroom for D&W is in the town of Bochum and is
> > a 30,000 sq. meter showroom/warehouse. They might be able to speak
> > english, but I was speaking german at the time, and never asked.
> > The address is:
> >
> > D&W Auto, Sport + Zubelhor 	(Two dots over the "o" in Zubelhor)
> > Duckerweg 21			(Two dots over the "u" in Druckerweg)
> > D-44867 Bochum, Germany

I believe that's Zubehor, which is German for "accessories" and not 

> 	It so happens that I'll be in Hamburg late this month for a week
> 	or so. I've no idea where Bochum is, or if the catalog would be
> 	available elsewhere in Germany, but I'd be happy to try and
> 	buy one for you if you like ... let me know.

I've seen the catalog at many newstands in Switzerland and Germany.
It's immediately recognizable because it always features a
scantily-clad woman romancing the male owner of a heavily-accessorized
car on the front cover.  I had thought it was essentially a German
version of the J.C. Whitney catalog, but it sounds like this is not
the case, and I'll certainly look at one when I go over there at the
end of August.

> 	Any suggestions on Audi-related things I should or could pick up
> 	while I'm there?

Yes, I'd like a new S6, Pearl with Ecru interior. \:^)

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