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Re: Drive train noise(?) in 86 5000

 I second the wheel bearing opinion.  Same symptom I had a few months ago
with a BMW Bavaria.  Although the suspensions are unrelated, the symptoms
are generic enough.  Wheel bearing problems can be isolated with their 
pitch changes depending on steering angle.  And increasing sound with

> On Aug 25,  7:09am, JOE FALCONE, 297 6323, MRO2-1/D7  25-Aug-1994 1009 wrote:
> > Subject: Drive train noise(?) in 86 5000
> > I've got a buzz/humm/vroom'ing noise which gets fairly noticeable above
> > 30 MPH.  At first I thought speedo cable, but it varies with steering
> > angle - turning towards the left makes it almost completely go away,
> > while it is there when the wheel is centered or turned right.  It
> > varies in pitch with speed and increases in volume with acceleration.
> > It doesn't make the noise when the car is stationary and the engine is
> > rev'ed in neutral - tranny is a slush box.
> >
> >-- End of excerpt from JOE FALCONE, 297 6323, MRO2-1/D7  25-Aug-1994 1009
> 	Sounds (!) like a wheel-bearing to me,too -- except that I didn't get
> 	the variation with steering angle when mine went last month.
> 	It's actually not *that* difficult a job (I did mine myself for
> 	well under $100), so if you decide to go that route, I could
> 	give you some tips, as could a lot of people on the list.  On the
> 	other hand, it certainly isn't trivial.
> 	Good luck!
> 	-Arun