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Re: D&W catalog, was Chip & Exhaust for '87 Coupe

Earlier on Mon Aug  1 12:47:21 1994

I wrote:

[A bunch of stuff deleted]

>ND was a water cooled VW specialist
They still are!  :-)

I forgot to thank John Greenstreet for the info on Sonax Hard Wax.

Thank you John.

I used this wax in Germany and never found it over here and forgot about
it. I called Sebring and ordered it the same day john posted, but
a fellow Audiphile from NJ beat me to the last can of cockpit spray.
I would say it really made a difference in the shine, and depth of color
compared to the liquid carnuba (Meguires) I had used on the finish before.
I also would recommend the Sonax windshield washer additive.