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D&W catalog, was Chip & Exhaust for '87 Coupe

On Friday July 29, I wrote

>>Is anybody else familiar with D&W?

On Fri Jul 29 16:38:45 1994
Dave Lawson <dlawson@ball.com> replyed:

>Where did you get it? I have been looking for one of these as they contain 
>parts that aren't available from any source in this country.

The catalogs (I bought two, mine and one for a friend) cost me around 
US $20 each including shipping. 

In Germany the catalog cost DM 14- under US $10 but the shipping was
expensive because the catalog is 940 full color glossy pages which
weigh 4lbs 2oz.

The main location/showroom for D&W is in the town of Bochum and is
a 30,000 sq. meter showroom/warehouse. They might be able to speak
english, but I was speaking german at the time, and never asked.
The address is:

D&W Auto, Sport + Zubelhor 	(Two dots over the "o" in Zubelhor)
Duckerweg 21			(Two dots over the "u" in Druckerweg)
D-44867 Bochum, Germany

The Phones listed are:

I forgot the country code for Germany.

The city code for Bochum is 02327, and perhaps from the USA the zero
should be dropped.

The numbers are:

327 - 111
327 - 289
327 - 290
327 - 291
327 - 230
327 - 189

They list an agent in England as a distributer which could be a whole bunch

Stewart Wilson Tyres LTD.
Clark Way
GB - Hyde/Chesire
Tel.: 0 61 / 3 68 52 09
FAX:  0 61 / 3 68 34 73

Anybody near San Jose, California might call Tim Hildebrand at New Dimensions
(408) 980-1691 and ask him for a look at the D&W catalog I sent him. He also
has an older one from 1989 which I sent him back then. He might be able to
locate and order some of the catalog stuff. ND was a water cooled VW specialist
who is doing work on Audis and might be of some assistance.

I'm still trying to make time to relate what is in the catalog for
the '87 coupe exhaust. Stay tuned - up



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