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Re: D&W catalog, was Chip & Exhaust for '87 Coupe

> In Germany the catalog cost DM 14- under US $10 but the shipping was
> expensive because the catalog is 940 full color glossy pages which
> weigh 4lbs 2oz.
> The main location/showroom for D&W is in the town of Bochum and is
> a 30,000 sq. meter showroom/warehouse. They might be able to speak
> english, but I was speaking german at the time, and never asked.
> The address is:
> D&W Auto, Sport + Zubelhor 	(Two dots over the "o" in Zubelhor)
> Duckerweg 21			(Two dots over the "u" in Druckerweg)
> D-44867 Bochum, Germany

	It so happens that I'll be in Hamburg late this month for a week
	or so. I've no idea where Bochum is, or if the catalog would be
	available elsewhere in Germany, but I'd be happy to try and
	buy one for you if you like ... let me know.

	Any suggestions on Audi-related things I should or could pick up
	while I'm there?