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Re: Pressure Acummulator Discoveries

On Aug 1,  8:00am, Bob Kunz wrote:
[interesting accumulator replacement experience]
> The result of all this is the hard to believe part. The car now runs better.
> It appears that the hydraulic pump was sucking mucho power out of the engine
> which exhibited itself as higher than normal operating temperatures, less
> power off the line and almost stalling when the clutch is depressed.
> '86 5000S Wagon
>-- End of excerpt from Bob Kunz

	As a newbie owner ('85 5000ST,91.3K), what's normal operating
	temperature for these cars?  Mine appears to run a little hot:
	equilibrium is exactly at the half-way mark on the gauge.  (And
	boy is that fan noisy or what ..).

	Also, my gas mileage is not exactly stellar -- I've never in
	the three months/6,000 miles that I've had the car broken the
	the 22 mpg mark. 21 mpg is typical.  I would have expected more in
	the 24-25 mpg range -- what do you folks get?  How dependent is it
	on average driving speed?  I don't feel any lack of power, though.

	And yet another question: how do I know if my car has a hydraulic
	valve adjustment mechanism?  (Engine code KH, manufactured 12/84).