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thanks and one more question


Just a note to say thanks to all those that posted tips on
the "fluctuating speedometer" problem and instrument cluster
removal.  Following your very helpful suggestions, I took
the instrument cluster apart this weekend.  I didn't find
anything obvious, but did disconnect each connector and
cleaned the pins as best as I could.

So far, I haven't seen the speedometer act up yet so perhaps
this fixed it (I'll see soon enough since the summer is quickly
coming to an end :-( )

Now, that I've taken care of this, I was wondering if anyone
has some suggestions regarding the following problem regarding
my '89 200:

  The symptoms are basically that the engine needs about
  3-5 seconds of cranking before starting.  (I remember
  that my '83 5000s non-turbo car started up after one or two
  cranks)  This happens everytime the engine has been off
  for more than, say 1/2 hour or more.  What I mean is
  that once started, even if I turn off the engine right away,
  it will then start right away.  However, if after starting
  I turn off the engine and let it sit for more than 20-30 mins,
  the hard-to-start behavior comes back.  This sounds to me
  like a fuel-injection problem but I'd like to get some ideas
  from the net.  (I did take the car to a fairly reliable mechanic
  who supposedly did a fuel-pressure test but did not find
  anything unusual)  Also, this problem doesn't seem related
  to the weather as it happens all year 'round.

Thanks in advance,

Tony Lee