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Instrument panel on '89 200

My '89 200 has a loose connection (I think) somewhere behind the
instrument panel which causes the speedometer gauge to wildly fluctuate
from time to time (actually, it seems correlated to ambient temperature
- it gets worse in cold weather).  I believe it's a mechanical connection
problem since I can "fix" the problem temporarily by tapping on the
instrument panel.

This morning, I also noticed that my radiator temperature gauge is
also misbehaving (it reads cold when it shouldn't and I again was
able to "fix" it by tapping as above).

So it looks like I'll finally have to spend the time to fix this problem in a
more permanent way.  I tried removing the instrument panel once before
(for another problem) but didn't get too far before I found that I didn't
have to.   As I remember, I wasn't having too much success and couldn't
figure out the sequence of operations (which screws to remove and in which

Before I embark on this project, I'd like to get some tips from anyone
in the group who's encountered a similar problem, especially on
disassembling the instrument panel and on fixing a possibly loose
connections in this area.

Thanks in advance,

Tony Lee