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Re: Instrument panel on '89 200

The problem with a fluctuating speedometer is due to an intermittent 
solder joint on one of the circuit boards in the instrument cluster.
It is well documented in an Audi technical bulletin, complete with
assembly drawings for the instrument cluster, an exact indication of the
location of the solder joint, etc.  Unfortunately it looks like the
affected board is buried pretty deep in the dash, but I haven't disassembled
mine and it's possible that all the boards pull out as a single unit.

I wouldn't attempt to fix the problem without first reading the technical
bulletin.  (In fact, even after looking at the technical bulletin, I've
decided to live with the problem, at least until it becomes a lot worse!)
I would be happy to look up the number of the bulletin for you, but 
faxing would be difficult since mine are on microfiche and there are
many drawings which probably wouldn't survive being faxed.  If you have
a friendly Audi dealer, perhaps they could copy the bulletin for you.

Anyway, good luck with the repair, and please let me know if you need
the number of the service bulletin.

Mike Rottenborn