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Parts Questions

Hello Audi Enthusiasts,

I'm getting ready for a big tune-up on our '89 200 and had some questions
about parts.  Hopefully you can share your experiences.  First, I ordered
some oil filters from PAP and for about $7 each they sent filters made by
an Austrian company called Mahle.  I'm not familiar with this brand and 
would like to hear anyone's experiences, good or bad, with their filters.
Another concern is that the filters were labelled for the '85-'88 Audi
5000 models, which I believe had a separate oil filter for the turbocharger.
The '89 model only has a single oil filter.  The Mahle is the correct size
and appears to have the anti-drainback valve, but I'm concerned whether it
will work for the '89 models, which may have a higher flow rate since they
only have one filter.

Second question.... I've had problems with the stock Bosch plug wires arcing
through the boot to the cylinder head.  This is correctable with a little
electrical tape, but since the wires are five years old I'd like to replace
them anyway.  PAP had a sale on another brand of wires (STI? -supposedly used
by Porsche).  I ordered them at the price of $45 but they've been backordered
for two months and I'm getting a little impatient.  Has anyone used this
brand of wires?  Is the arcing problem common with Bosch wires?  I'd hate
to spend $70+ for a set of plug wires that aren't any better than the ones
that are on there.

Finally, I think the testimonials on K&N air filters have finally convinced
me that I should go that route.  Can you recommend a good source for these

Thanks as always for your helpful advice on my many questions!

Mike Rottenborn