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Re: Parts Questions

>Hello Audi Enthusiasts,
>[from Mike Rottenborn]
[stuff on oil filter omitted]

dly used
>by Porsche).  I ordered them at the price of $45 but they've been backordered
>for two months and I'm getting a little impatient.  Has anyone used this
>brand of wires?  Is the arcing problem common with Bosch wires?  I'd hate
>to spend $70+ for a set of plug wires that aren't any better than the ones
>that are on there.
>Finally, I think the testimonials on K&N air filters have finally convinced
>me that I should go that route.  Can you recommend a good source for these
I got my K&N from a place in NY mail order. I don't have Euro Car on hand
and cannot remember their name. I paid $45 including shipping. (87 5000S
This place also advertises for plug wires. (the blue ignitors???) Someone
posted that these wires were around $100 for an Audi 5 banger.
I put the K&N filter in at 60k miles and probably not have to deal with it
till at least the 100K checkup.:-)

>Mike Rottenborn
Ernest Wong