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Re: Parts Questions

Hairy green toads from Mars made Ernest Wong say:
> >Hello Audi Enthusiasts,
> >[from Mike Rottenborn]
> > 
> > I ordered them at the price of $45 but they've been backordered
> >for two months and I'm getting a little impatient.  Has anyone used this
> >brand of wires?  Is the arcing problem common with Bosch wires?  I'd hate
> >to spend $70+ for a set of plug wires that aren't any better than the ones
> >that are on there.

> I got my K&N from a place in NY mail order. I don't have Euro Car on hand
> and cannot remember their name. I paid $45 including shipping. (87 5000S
> non-turbo)
> This place also advertises for plug wires. (the blue ignitors???) Someone
> posted that these wires were around $100 for an Audi 5 banger.
> I put the K&N filter in at 60k miles and probably not have to deal with it
> till at least the 100K checkup.:-)

The place is Rapid Parts, just off the NY Thruway outside of Suffern, NY.
I stopped by there a few months ago, and picked up those blue ignitors.
I was the one who said they were around $103 for the Audi 5-cylinder.

I put them in myself, replacing the original Bosch wires. They made
quite a difference. Smoother starts and running, better in the wet.
They are lifetime guaranteed.

PS - I recommend tossing the loom that comes with them, and running
the wries through the factory loom bolted to the engine block. It
looks better, and you won't be able to get the old loom off, anyway.


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