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Re: Fun with Sensors...Follow Up...

> The knock sensor is right on the block in fairly plain view...easy to get a
> wrench onto.  Turns out that the bolt that held in the sensor was
> LOOSE...VERY LOOSE.  Just tightening it would have fixed it, but I figured
> it would be better to just put the new sensor on and not worry about it.
> Torquing is "critical" as it says in Bently.  I tried my best to hit 7
> ft-lbs, but who knows what it is as my 1/2" drive beam wrench only reads in
> 5 lb increments, and my 3/8" torque wrench only goes down to 20 ft-lbs.  Oh
> well.
> 2nd improvement...the engine pulls much smoother now.  No stumbling, no
> hesitation...go figure!  Damned computer has probably been in "limp" mode
> for a while, eh?

What is the symptom that led you to replace the knock sensor? My '89
100Q seems to stumble a lot at half or full throttle with regular gas.
I wonder....

Also, Angela's '90 20V was knocking pretty bad with regular; a tank of
premium fixed it.

Both of these cars used to run OK on regular before.....


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