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Re: Pressure Acummulator Discoveries

>If my trip computer is to be believed, I get 25-26 mpg around town 
>(includes some highway driving).  I get over 32 mpg on the highway for
>trips.  I think the mileage was better when I used 93 octane, but only
>expect a real difference if you have a turbo (or perhaps high compression).
>If I think about these numbers, I have to find them a little optimistic.
>Does anyone know what the EPA #s are on this car?  (5000TQ)>
>	David

The 32 mpg on the road seems high to me.  My trip computer says I get 30-31
max at an average open road speed of ~40mph.  Trip averages seem to come in
at 26/27 mpg.  This is a 4000CSQ, which isn't as slippery as a 5000, but

What kind of pressure do you keep in your tires?