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Advice on 87 4000CSQ


I am considering purchasing a 4000CSQ.  I am an avid VW/Audi fan and have 
been coveting the quattro for some time.  I currently drive an 86 Jetta GLI 
(not too bad).

I am seeking opinions on the 4000CSQ, experiences with maintaining them and 
any experiences improving them (i.e. aftermarket upgrades for power and 

What will I find wrong in the typical 87 quattro?  Will it need an entire 
suspension? brakes? head work? transmission work? an entire engine rebuild? 

I am beginning to put together my budget.  What is a reasonable price for an 
87 quattro?

Thanks for the information and opinions.

Robert Randall
A guy that actuall likes cold weather and snow...
 - always seeking heated seats...

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