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Re: Syncro Differential Info

Responding to Bart's quest for views of the Syncro's center differential,
Dave Dahl writes:
> Bart:
> The copies will be in the mail tomorrow morning.  I copied two views of the 
> transaxle, one cutaway and one exploded.  I also threw in a copy of the 
> exploded view of the rear differential, just in case you're curious.  The 
> title page and copyright page are also in there, should you need them for 
> getting the rest of your manual from Bentley.


I received the Copies on Saturday.  Thank You very much, they are exactly 
what I needed.  Dave, you're a prince.  This kind of unselfishly 
helping a fellow enthusiast should not go unpunished.  I definitely owe you
something cold and tasty at your convenience... <g>  ;-)


Bart Chambers
Feline Varmints Spike & Felix
'86 911 Guards Red Cabriolet
'87 White Quantum Syncro (Quattro in Disguise)