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Getting Used Car Up to Snuff (Was Re: Fuel economy)

    Also, my trip-computer is clearly *not* to be believed. When I said
    I got only around 21-22 mpg, I was quoting actual fill-to-fill averages
    -- my trip computer consistently over-estimates by about 2 mpg.

Maybe its calibrated for Imperial gallons :-)

    Well, I filled up yesterday, and I'm going to try and keep my speed
    down to around 65 and drive more sedately.  Horribly difficult
    sometimes: there's always some guy on the Richmond-San Rafael bridge
    just *asking* to be blown away :-).  Let's see what happens.

Switch to classical music :-)

    By the way, what kind of "tune-up" could one do on these cars
    ('85 5000ST)?  I've put in new (Bosch Platinum) plugs and an new
    filter (it may have been easy for some folks, but it was a real
    pain in mine ..) but I can't think of anything else that I could
    easily do.  

Yes, they are by Bosch, but....    better to go with the 3 ground electrode 
copper plugs (gee, wonder where split-fire got its revolutionary idea)

How about a new rotor and cap too?  Come to think of it, you just got your '85. 
Unless you know the car's recent service history it is a good idea to do all 
the preventive maintenance:
    y plugs, rotor, cap, and, if very stiff, replace the wires
    y "basic" adjustments - timing and mixture (sorry, need serious equip for 
    y drain and replace hydraulic fluid (I like mine to be nearly clear)
    y bleed out all the old brake fluid until all is clean.  Don't forget 
clutch circuit on manual cars.
    y lube the door handles
    y replace fuel and air filters
    y if its a slush-box, guess the ATF should be replaced too
    y clean sunroof rails and mechanism well and lube
    y replace belts
    y replace coolant

Whew.  You'll be busy for a while.  :-)  But it will save time and money later 

86 5000S